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Tourism Australia targets wealthy Chinese with exclusive holiday package

Thursday, October 30, 2014
Australia wants to attract more Chinese tourists and investors to the 'Land Down Under' and Tourism Australia is offering those wealthy enough to afford it, the experience of a lifetime. A 22 day tour that features famous landmarks such as Uluru and the Sydney Opera House, picture perfect beaches and world famous restaurants will no doubt sell out quickly, demonstrating why China now tops Australia's tourism market.

For from the Herald Sun;

China is now our most valuable tourism market, overtaking the United Kingdom in the last year to be worth $5.3 billion.

That figure is expected to grow to $13 billion by 2020 aided by more direct flights between Australia and China, and the weaker Australian dollar.

Although just 30 packages will be sold in China to underline its exclusivity, Tourism Australia Managing Director John O’Sullivan said it was about “making headlines”.

“We know this holiday may be out of the reach of many Chinese travellers but this is also aspirational,” Mr O’Sullivan said.

“What we’re really seeking to do is create a buzz, a sense of excitement and new news about Australia.”

HH Travel General Manager Omar Chen said the package would be sold on a “first-come-first-served” basis.

“Priced at $70,000 (CNY375,000) per person, this is targeted at China’s most wealthy citizens who are looking for total exclusivity,” said Mr Chen.

“We expect the publicity around the promotion to generate extensive inquiries about other more affordable holidays.”

To read the full article at the Herald Sun, click here.

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Immigration scam targets those looking for love

Wednesday, October 22, 2014
Australian women (and men), desperate to find love, are being targeted by overseas scammers who are seeking Australian permanent residency and citizenship. According to a Queensland pastor who was recently interviewed by 4BC Radio, there are several known cases where vulnerable women have been 'tricked' in to fake marriages, even falling pregnant, only to be left by their partner soon after.

More from The Australian;

Pastor Sean, who chose to only be known by his first name to protect the identity of the victims, said he knows of three young women who have been swindled over the past two years.

“There seems to be some sort of organised, I don’t know if we can call it a scam, but some sort of organised group that looks towards what I’d call susceptible young ladies, who are longing for a relationship, longing for intimacy and they are wooed into a secret or arranged marriage,” he told 4BC.

Pastor Sean said the women were introduced to the men face-to-face in two out of the three cases he has seen.

The Pastor believes the men had been living in the country on student visas.

A woman, who went by the name Rose, told 4BC she had fallen pregnant to a man who was trying to scam her.

Rose said she had been emotionally vulnerable when she first started seeing the man who tried to pressure her into marriage once she revealed she was an Australia citizen.

She declined but later found out she had fallen pregnant.

The man, who has physically abused Rose in past, now claims he wants to take the child from her and continues to demand marriage.

“The only reason he was with me was because of residency, he didn’t see me as a wife, or to love me,” she said.

Pastor Sean said often the men would disappear and divorce the women after two years after attaining visas.

The Department of Immigration is investigating the claims.

To read the full story at The Australian, click here.

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Remembering what Gough Whitlam did for immigration in Australia

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Tributes are flowing within Australia and around the world for former Australian prime minister, Gough Whitlam who passed away today, aged 98.

As Australia's 21st prime minister, Mr Whitlam was both praised and criticised for the way that he bravely and boldly changed Australia during his three years in power before being sensationally dismissed from office by then Governor-General Sir John Kerr in 1975.

Among his many historical achievements include the introduction of Medicare, the abolition of university tuition fees, the establishment of diplomatic relations with China (now Australia's largest trading partner) and of course his significant contribution to multiculturalism in Australia.

The Whitlam Government was the first to adopt the concept of a multicultural Australian society. Mr Whitlam removed the last vestiges of the White Australia policy, and the concept of a multicultural Australian society became government policy for the first time. The government established multicultural radio stations and telephone translation services, and provided special educational support for migrant children.

The Whitlam government also passed the Racial Discrimination Act. It made it illegal to discriminate against people because of their origin in the the areas of access to employment, pay and working conditions, and access to housing.

Vale Gough Whitlam, rest in peace.

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